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Phone doesn't connect to wifi but wifi works on laptop

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Hi so a couple of days ago my Samsung A5 suddenly stopped connecting to the WiFi. It says internet might not be available, but the WiFi works perfectly on my laptop.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @raveesh1198,


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Since there's no issues with your TPG WiFi connection with your laptop, we need to troubleshoot the WiFi connection on your Samsung A5.


Have you tried to forget your TPG network on your phone then reconnect with it? If not, please go to your WiFi settings, then click your TPG home network. Choose the option "Forget network", then the password that is saved on it will be removed. Try to reconnect with it and put the correct WiFi password. Once connected, check the internet service and update us if the issue remains or resolved.


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I had a similiar problam with apple devices, imac , 2 phones and 2 tablets.

Sometimes they would wifi connect to one wifi channel and not the other. Sometimes not connect to either.

You can reset the devices and Huawei router a million times and it will not make any difference.

Once Huawei router  starts not connecting devices , reset or not, it will continue not connecting.

I solved the problam by dumping the huawei router and bought a Dlink python.

No more problam..