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Please provide firmware for security purposes - Archer VR1600 V2?

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I'm an old TPG customer who owns a modem with pretty serious security issues. The firmware is so out of date that it opens to a http webpage over which I enter my username password. I've looked high and low but can't find a link to the firmware for this device. Any help would be appreciated.


Current device details are:

Firmware Version:0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 200810 Rel.53181n 

Hardware Version:Archer VR1600v v2 00000000


Hi @Swi_10081 . TPG download special firmware through your internet connection. Latest version is Build 220518.

Out of interest, does your current version have the OpenVPN function or not?
If it does and you make use of it, the latest firmware no longer has that function.


Could you explain more about this http webpage. How do you get to it? What does it let you do?


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Hi @david64 thanks for the information. I'm hopeful that someone here can resolve my issue. I haven't been a customer of TPG since 2022.

The HTTP page:

When the private IP is entered for the modem in the webpage, e.g., it shows as in the browser with "! Not Secure" icon to the left of the address. Username and password entered to the modem are unencrypted. http pages went out of vogue in about 2018, and using them in 2024 is irresponsible in my unqualified opinion.It's presumed the newer firmware would show the device in a browser as format (including the 's' in https).


This version of firmware also has no VPN functionality. I'm sure that I tried to set up VPNs previously and it was not possible. Checked again today.


@Swi_10081 . Have a look at Advanced, System Tools, Administration.

Is there an option for HTTPS?

The username and password doesn't leave your local network. Unless you change the admin password, the default is printed on the router's label.

One thing you might check. Find your WAN ip address, put the address into your phone's browser using mobile data and enter. Do you get a login screen?

One early problem was that doing this took you to the router admin even though remote management was disabled.

I've included the moderators so they can organise firmware upgrade. @BasilDV  @Shane 

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Hey @Swi_10081,


Send me a private message, I'll get this sorted for you.