Re - Archer VR1600v

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Ok, so lets start?

Contact Support. no joy there.

Escaleted to next level, no joy there either!

Inquired about a IAD for a VR1600v, no return call! actually the Customer support did not know what IAD was.


I am a IT Tech, 20 years, Cisco, Microsoft Cert etc. Passed ISP Manager Tech.

So this is where we are now, I need to the configuration file for the VR1600v so to upload into the VR2100v? as the VR1600does not suit then pupose.


The config will work as it just the updated model of the VR1600v, difference is it has Wireless 6 Mesh and external antennas, it has the 2 ports for anolog phone as the VR1600v does, so it will work, and as I have a large Apartment the wireless will work throughout my apartment.


As the then current Chairman of the two Tower Apt complex in Kangaroo Point who allowed PipeNet Works/TPG to install their equipment into our complex along with Telstra/NBN equipment, it was never agreed that the rights of owners of this complex would have there rights overiden by the TPG connection rules & terms which where never disclosed to the owners when they where casting there votes at the AGM.


So here is the sting, email me the config file to my email address? or I will pass a motion at the next AGM , which is my right undert the BCCM Act,  this is not a threat it is a right under the ACT as an owner and have your equipment removed from the premises, as at no time did you indicate that that the above would occur. Under the BCCM Body Corporate Act any entilement/bylaw can be enacted or revoted under legistration by vote as an oridinary resolution at a AGM.


I am tied of spending the whole day on the phone to get nowhere, this is a simple request, what right Pipe Networks had to install equipment in a building can be reversed uner the BCCM Regulations by a vote.


Also under the BCCM Act I have a right also to apply to QCat as an owner in a unit complex, In QCat parties have to pay ther own cost, and no cost can be awarded against parties.


TPG can simple fix this problem as its an occuring issue in this forum about the VRR1600V, TPG might say it's rights under their Terms & Condition to join TPG but it is not part of the terms & conditions when you intall your equipment in the building when i negoitiated the install.


TPG could have avoided all this by simply not sending a $59 piece of junk router to a muti mil $ complex that does not suite the purpose, did they not realise this when they install their equipment into this complex and think the owners were not tech savy and sell us a piece of tupperware when we want ceramic, really?


It comes down to a commercial decision here, supply the correct hardware to suite the conditions of the standard of the complex, I did not ask for a $59 piece of junk that does not meet the standard and you did not offer any upgrade equipment,  fix the error or don't supply connectivty? so why did you install your eqiupment into the most expensive Apt complex in Brisbane, because you wanted to be able to tell other complexes in the area our complex had installed your equipment and they should also.


The TPG standard is not the same as Telstra standard, and at the time of your install you failed to convey this to all owners so when they voted they did not know what rights under the Telco Act they were losing.


It is a simple fix, supply the correct standard of equipment to suit the Apartments in this complex, work with the owners and supply their needs instead of putting up firewalls, the VR1600V is outdated 2018 hardware and does not meet todays standards for Penthouse's and full floor apartments, why did you install your equipment to give sub standard connections?


Please contact me regards to above.









@ Robertus123  you can configure 3rd party modems to work with TPG via the basic settings below.


Encapsulation Type: PPPoE


Username: TPG Username

Password: TPG Account Password.


Kind regards,

Eller Joseph

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Hi, did not ask how to setup a VR2100v, I do high level 3 tech work, one of the things I asked was that the conditions for Pipe Networks to setup up their FTTB system in our Apt complex in Kangaroo Point never entailed you hiding, missleading and failing to informing the residents. 

Fisrt off, the equipment installed is supposed to supply 100mb but your equipment is detuned to 93.5mb, you need to login to the system here allow the 100mb as per your install paperwork.


Second, I know about the Admin login SU, Pasword XXXXXXXXXXXX (11 entries, use to be 10) on the VR1600v, I asked for it so!


Third, I asked for the info but you failed to give it to me, so I got it anyway.


Fouth, your voip system is nothing special other than having seperate password for the voip login, which I have anyway, and telling users its a special firmaware is misleading.

Fifth, I know the codecs for outgoing calls, but thats a minor detail.


And remember you can fool some off the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.


Tell me, what happens at the next AGM here when the residents vote on to remove your equipment, whats that a $50k hit on istallation cost, we have NBN here as well, so no lose for residents.

All I asked that I be contacted with the rquested information but that did not happen.


Finally, after 4 weeks my phone number still has not been ported after talking Customer Service on 2 separate occasions, on the first contact they had not instigated the porting because they missed the request, so I still paying for the old service why TPG fumbles around with the tranfer.


Finally, I allowed Pipe Networks to install the equipment on the grounds it was a 100mb connection, so open the port up and supply the residents with the voip settings and the SU password for those using the VR1600v






@Robertus123 My apologies if I cannot supply you with the other information you wish to have. We do not have any restrictions on the modem/router you will use provided that they are compatible with TPG FTTB. TPG Home Phone service will only work with our modem that comes with the plan.


I will have a colleague check on the number porting and provide an update as soon as possible.


Kind regards,

Joseph D


Hi @Robertus123


The issue with the number porting was fixed and your number will be transferred within 1 to 5 working days.

Please make sure that the phone service with your previous provider is still active.


Further updates will be posted once available.