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Re-Using old FTTB VR1600 for HFC

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I have recently moved properties and changed from FTTB to HFC. With FTTB i was using a TP-Link VR1600 v2.0 modem/router. As part of the switch to HFC I was given another VR1600 v2.0 modem/router (presumably because the old one was already autoconfigured for FTTB.). Unfortunately, the 5GHz channel on the new modem is completely unusable, not a single device in my house can connect to it, not even my range extender. 


Is it possible to reconfigure my old VR1600 to be used with HFC to save on having to replace the modem again?


Hi @jacksonbarnes91 ,


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You may use the old TP-Link VRV1600 to TPG-NBN HFC, here is an article that you may find helpful.


How to set up your TP-Link VR1600v modem 

Let us know how it will go.





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Hi Shane,


I have already tried this, however I was greeted with the message saying it was being auto configured and to wait 30 minutes. I waited about an hour before I gave up and switched back to the new router. Should I have just kept waiting or is there something I would need to reset first?

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Hi jacksonbarnes91.

If the "new" router was newly supplied by TPG, I'd be asking why it can't be replaced under warranty?

Is the 2.4G band working? Is the 5G indicator on or off? There is a wifi on/off switch on top of router.

Logon to the new router and check that the 5G band is enabled. If no good, do factory reset (if you are confident) and check 5G band enabled again. If still no action on 5G, router must be faulty. 

The config setup is same for FTTB and HFC. (PPPoE, username and password, and VLAN ID=2).

TPG/FTTB uses different firmware version from  NBN/FTTB/HFC. Don't know what effect this has.