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Re Wireless Modem Router supplied by TPG

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My street gets FTTC Jan/March 2019.  I need to retain my landline so will want a W/M/Router with VOIP.


1. Can I purchase my own?


2. Does TPG offer any choice?




Good day @Rubicon,

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The home phone VoIP service that comes with our NBN package only works on the NBN modem/router that we are providing our customers for free.


If you are going to use a third party modem, the internet will work, but the VoIP feature will not work.


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I am totally, utterly flabbagasted at TPG's reply to my question about using a non-TPG supplied wireless/modem/router.  The uncompromising threat that I will be DENIED access to VOIP if I utilise my own W/M/Router displays monopolised arrogance and is to my knowledge, so contrary to Australian consumer laws and the spirit of those laws that I immediately lodged a formal complaint with the ACCC, citing anti-competition rules as the basis of my complaint.


TPG DOES NOT own VOIP.  The rentention of PSDN access is MY RIGHT as a consumer.  Further enquiries to TPG about just which W/M/Router would actually be available resulted in the reply, "That it depends what device is available from stock at the time of my purchase!"


This means that I have NO CHOICE WHATSOEVER.  What kind of customer relations policy is this damnable nonsense?  I have since gone on to enter negotiations with several other ISP's who do offer UNRESTRICTED access to VOIP and YES,....YOUR CHOICE OF A COMPATIBLE W/M/Router.


I have had many years customer association with TPG and yes, never a complaint.  Customer Service or Technical always attended to me promptly, hence the reason they have hitherto, retained my business.  However, I WILL NOT be dictated to with a flat out threat linked to denial of service.  In terms of an insulting attitude to customers, it rivals only that you would expect from the arch-enemy of Australian consumers: i.e, TELSTRA.


I have crossed the Rubicon!


Hi @Rubicon,


The modem we provide is a world-class standard modem and we’ve optimised the setup to complement our specifically configured modem settings. It is a reliable and efficient modem. We provide the modem for all our NBN plans as they are sold as an Internet & Home Phone Bundle. As the Home Phone component of your bundle is encrypted for security, you will need to use our modem if you are to make and receive phone calls.


Our modem is also pre-configured for internet access Some customers who do not use the home phone component of our bundle sometimes prefer to use their own NBN compatible modem. If this is the case, then we can provide you with the settings required to configure your 3rd party modem with the settings required to access the internet.


Let me know should you require further assistance.