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Re Wireless Modem Router supplied by TPG

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My internal network uses The 42 is a historic thing when I had a large group of clients all VPNed together.

My router's IP address is set to and DHCP is disabled.

My main server is set to  It's the DHCP, mail, web, DNS etc server and is also the DMZ. There are other "servers" in my network for specialised functions.

All other devices use DHCP but I've set up DHCP configurations to assign dynamic IP addresses, bound to the MAC address of each device., that way each always has the same IP, simplifying a lot of network tasks. Guest devices just get an IP address from the pool. I would like to isolate guest devices so they get internet but not network access, but that's down the track.


I can dig up a network schematic, update it and send it to you if you like, might take a while though.

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I totally agree.....The modem supplied is of poor quality and so I have been talking to TPG, who will not allow me to bring my own choice of modem, and utilise an ATA device to obtain VOIP.....
I spent a fortune on a top Modem/ Router only to be told the TPG will not give the settings required for setup.
Is this the sort of service we get these days???
I am still playing my account, so why cant I choose my own device???
Really out of touch and poor service.....

Hi @sandgroper,


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Should you wish to use your own preferred modem for the internet, you are free to use it. However, for our Modem Home Phone component is encrypted for security, you will need to use our modem if you are to make and receive phone calls. 




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ANy solution to this yet.

Still waiting for TPG to open this up.


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Wish I had of read this post before. I have spent $$ and time trying to set this up. Now it's all a waste.

May I ask how did you get the solution to all this.

Thanks in advance






Hi @freodesign


We have likewise replied to you post located here:


Let's stick to that original thread in order for us to assist you accordingly. 



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Taking into account TPG's latest replies, (and of course I can't blame the poor working stiffs who have to pass on this nonsensical policy from their masters, it is obvious, (as usual), that it all comes down to dollars.  TPG made a big dollar commitment to the Chinese firm controlled by their military and ergo, the Chinese Totalitarian Government.  Now that our Government are awake at last, a load of TPG plans cannot go ahead.  What a pity.  My heart bleeds that they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  I shall simply reserve my options, (as is my right), to take my business elsewhere when and if  I decide and at a time convenient to me.  And I wouldn't buy any high tech emanating out of China, simply because of an almost pathological fear as to what they may have secreted within.  After all, I am commenting about a regime that monitors its own citizens from birth to death and has destroyed both their privacy and freedom.  Besides this, they either break in or attempt to break into all our own industry and infrastructure with a view to subverting us as a prelude to what I believe will be a later, well planned and executed, military adventure.

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This discussion is fascinating.  I am having problems with the modem supplied by your subsidiary, iiNet, which refuses to do anything to correct them and simply seems to want to "tough it out".  I am now moving forward to request that they take my complaint to their internal complaints tribunal, so that when it, too, "disses" my complaints I can then take the matter to the Telecommunications Complaints Tribunal, for formal resolution.  And, no doubt, publication.

Why this has to be so difficult is completely beyond me.  As I pointed out to the last person who called me from iiNet, this is not a "game", where one of us wins and the other loses.  It is a "problem", and the only thing you can do with it is solve it, or else you'll keep having it.  Evidently your subsidiary is OK with the idea that it will keep having it.  I, for my part, will not.  

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I dont get it.

First you are talking about modems when in reality actually refering to a device that have both modem and router functionality.

Why would you want to change the modem (NOT ROUTER) supplied by TPG? It is setup to work perfectly with NBN, there is not gain in speed with a 3P modem.

What you really need is just a router!. Get a good router and that's all.


Now grab it and connect it to the WAN (NBN modem)