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Replace Huawei router with ASUS ac87u Plug straight into NTD of HFC NBN

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Hi all,

Currently have following setup (image attached). I'd like to replace the provided router with my ASUS ac87u router to remove a double NAT scernaio with both routers trying to NAT traffic. As I currently have my ASUS router branch off one of the ports of the provided huawei router.

I have tried simply replacing the router but I am unable to get internet to function. Im guessing there are settings I will need to copy over to my ASUS router. Does anyone know what these are?


Thanks in advance!




The general settings for TPG's NBN HFC are posted in our support page:


Additionally, you may have to set WAN VLAN ID to 2.


(Please be advised we don't support troubleshooting third party devices, although I am sure other customers and Community members may be able to give you some advice about it.)

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Hi MarN


Thanks for the advice!

I have been scouring whirlpool forums but cant seem to find an exact guide on setting up TPG on RT-AC87U with NBN. I will give the VLAN ID setting a try tonight and let you know how I go.


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Worked great!

Just had to add in the PPOE settings and fill in TPG username and settings! 


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It's a bit of a late reply, but it might help someone else:

Connecting ASUS RT-AC68U/RT-AC86U to TPG NBN