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Sagemcom 5866 5G issues, devices can no longer "see" each other

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Hi, I have a Sagemcom 5866 5g modem, has been working better than the nbn was, until a few weeks ago.

The devices, laptops, win 10 and 11, Chromebook, mac desktops, Samsung phones & tablets cannot see the google home, not all at once, but increasingly intermittent.

Ive tried disabling the 2.4 mhz to force them to all use the 5mhz channels, then the reverse, with no luck.

After logging  in to admin on the router, the devices . chromecast and other devices. seem to be randomly showing in the ethernet connection or not at all?

Hoping this is a firmware issue, yes, ive done restarts, reinstalls, various combinations of gear, modem location etc.

any ideas?

thanks in advance. 




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The solution here might help your Sagemcom problems.