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Sagemcom Fast 5866T public facing server

Level 2

I would like to start by saying, I really hate how ISPs (TPG in particular in this instance) really dumb down these modems and don't even provide advanced or bridge modes. That said I am willing to try and work with what I have here.


1. On my previous plan I was able to put my modem into bridge mode an manage all my networking and DNS via a real router. Can I do something like this with the thing?


2. I host a web server that is accessible from the public. How do I configure this thing to support this?


3. Are there firmare updates I can have applied to my unit?


Hi @mcshaman


We'll need to confirm these with our Tech team as there are some limited features if you are using our TPG supplied modem; specially if you need to use advanced settings. 


Any chance you can PM us with your customer ID or username so we can check your account. 




Level 15

Hi @mcshaman .

1. TPG always say that the Sagemcom cannot be put in bridge mode on 5G wireless broadband.

2. The 4G and 5G wireless broadband uses CG-NAT which makes your public web server inaccessible.

3. The Sagemcom firmware is probably the latest.

For 1 and 2, you would need a regular NBN connection.