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Setting parental controls on TPG supplied VX420-G2v modem router

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My son has a TPG account (as do I) except he has the above modem. I am asking on his behalf as he has to work and can't afford the time to discuss this with TPG.

Last night, we set up the parental controls for his modem as per existing guidelines we found online, as evidently recommended by TPG.

Notably neither TPG nor TP-Link make detailed user manuals available for this device.

What we are trying to do is restrict internet access hours for the childrens devices that conncect to the internet via the routers WiFi.

None of the recommended settings work.

A check on this forum was not helpful as there are no constructive responses from TPG to similar requests from customers asking for help for this same parental control issue with this modem.

Does TPG advocate that the parental controls on the VX420-G2v modem router work?

If not then why sell a device that doesn't have viable functionality?


Is TPG able to assist with this?




Hi @southy49,


ISPs main role is to ensure that internet works. For specialised configurations or advanced setup required from the modem, we advise to contact the manufacturer directly. 


For the Parental Controls to work, you need to set a Restriction Policy. You may want to visit the links below where this same topic was discussed and instructions were provided. Also, there are a lot of programs/firewalls that you can setup that can filter content, set bandwidth limits and even restrict users via logins/mac/ip to specific times of day.


Here are soem topics you may read through:


Archer VR1600v Parental Control

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Hi @southy49 . Don't bother asking TP-Link about this. The routers provided by TPG are "specials". TPG modify the firmware, specifically VOIP, but can remove functions, or alter how functions work. Available functions might be poorly designed and not work as desired.
If I use the VR1600 as an example, the Parental Controls seem to have two parts: define devices to be controlled and control times; define keywords to allow or block. The following does work.
Having set access times for each device, you have to set Content Restriction to get the blocking to take effect. And you can only have one restriction policy, not one for each device.

Enable Content Restriction and select Whitelist. Don't add any keywords. This means no websites are allowed for the controlled devices.
You can provide limited access by adding a keyword, eg. wikipedia.