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Setting up Google Nest Wifi with TPG

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I am trying to set up a Google Nest Wifi to address poor wifi issues in parts of my house.  My networking/tech skills are at the very lower end of the scale.  


I have a NBN HFC connection with the Arris CM8200 modem, and the TPG supplied TP-Link Archer VR1600v router. 


After working through the set-up steps from the Google Home app - which instructs you to connect the ethernet cable from the Nest device directly into the modem, the set-up wizard ultimately tells me there is No Internet Connection.


Reading the forums on the TPG community and elsewhere, it appears the problem is related to TPG using "VLAN tagging", which I understand Google Nest Wifi does not support.


Some solutions provided on this forum suggest that the Google Nest router instead needs to be connected into the existing router.  I have tried this multiple times, but the set up wizard will still not recognise an Internet Connection. 


Is there anyone who can point me to a plain English description of how to set this up ? If possible, including screen shots of the devices, and how to make any required changes to settings on the router / Google nest device ?


The moderators keep linking to previous discussions on the community pages, but they are poorly written and completely confusing.