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Smart TV not connected to Modem (ADSL)

Level 2
Level 2

I have been struggling to connect to the internet using my Smart TV (Samsung). I have spoken extensively to Samsung and they have suggested you may be able to help. I am using a NetCommWireless Modem.


I am connecting wireless using a Samsung Lan USB.

My internet and DSN settings are set to "Connect Automatically"  (per attached screenshots)


I have done the other trouble shooting steps - Rebooted my modem, turned off my tv etc etc.


Any assistance will be appreciated. Thank you






Hi @DL,


Welcome to the Community!


Based on the screenshots you've provided, your Smart TV is not detecting the Samsung Wireless LAN adapter that you connected. I suggest that you test the wireless adapter on another TV or try another wireless adapter to determine whether it's theTV or the adapter that you need to check further for possible repair.


For additional support, you may want to reach out to Samsung again and inform them the exact error message you're getting.