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Time for a New Modem?

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Yep, I did. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 for a resolution tomorrow Smiley Happy
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OMG I am getting SO frustrated. We’ve been with TPG for years and have never had this kind of issue. Customer service has been good, but...this is getting ridiculous.

NBN tech came out on 05/01 and changed the black box. Internet worked fine until the evening of 07/01. Morning of 08/01, it seemed to be okay - in the evening it was not okay. Called customer service and they confirmed that there was an issue and opened a ticket.

On 09/01, I received a call asking if everything was okay because it was showing on their end that it was okay. I said that it seemed to be, but asked if it could be monitored for another day. They agreed and it was monitored. There were no further issues.

Yesterday, the ticket was closed.

This morning the internet is dropping out AGAIN!!!! Seriously, why is it working if it’s being monitored, but as soon as a ticket is closed issues start back up???

My phone and laptop were both connected to the internet, then suddenly they were not. What is going on?
And of course I can’t attach a screenshot because only jpg, gif, and png are valid extensions here - not jpeg!

Basically, the message says:

“The WiFi network ‘xxxxx’ does not appear to be connected to the internet. So you want to temporarily use mobile data?”

And my partner had this message come up on her phone. This ONLY happens when I have issues with the internet on my phone and computer.

“Can not verify server identity - the identity of ‘’ cannot be verified”

She clicked the details button on that message and this came up:

Subject Name
Country or region CN
STATE/Province Hubei
Locality Wuhan
Common Name mediarouter.home

Issuer Name
Country or Region CN
STATE/Province Hubei
Locality Wuhan
Common Name root.home
Email address.

Serial Number 1

All of that would be heaps easier if I could actually attach images from my phone :/

It’s also the reason I’m commenting here instead of calling again - because it’s too hard to explain this over the phone.


Hi @froxyn


We're sorry to learn that you are still having connection issues. 


I'll certainly pass your message along to our Engineering Team.


Kindly await for the assigned officer to be in touch via phone call or SMS.