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Ubiquiti Dream Machine with NBN FTTN

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Am hoping someone can asssist.

I am looking at completely redoing our home network as not happy with the lack of control/security we have with our current setup and the low speed we get through the supplied modem/router.


As such am looking at changing to a Ubiquiti Unify network with a Dream Machine Pro.

Now my concern with this is that the Dream Machine Pro connects to the internet itself usually via WAN connection.  From my research I will need to convert my TPLINK VR1600v to Bridge mode?
Am I correct in this?


As we are FTTN i would not be able to connect the WAN straight in as needs the VDSL modem?


Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.


The reason for the serious hardware is due to us running a small business from home so needing the security and flexibility this will give us (we have approx 30 wired and 15 wireless items connected at any one time).


Hi @bmhdg76 ,


Welcome to the community!


We'd like to set your expectation that we do not have information on how to setup Ubiquiti Unify network with a Dream Machine Pro. But we have existing articles that you may find helpful on how to set up Bridge mode or on how to connect additional/extension router on our supplied modem.

See links below.

How to set up a bridge on archer vr1600v. 

Connecting Google Wifi to the Huawei HG659 Bridge Mode 


Are the Tpg routers DHCP compatible? 


Note: In the event that Ubiquiti Unify network and Dream Machine Pro requires a static IP address it could be an issue as the TPG NBN Residential service all comes with dynamic IP address.


Let us know should you require further assistance.