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Unlocking TP Link Archer VR1600v modem

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I have sseen response to question re unlocking Huawei moden that it is not locked but the VOIP feature is encrypted.  However, I am unable to change any setting on my modem and so conclude that it must be locked.

Can you please advise how to unlock it.

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Lots of people reset their wifi router and then have to login to router and set their username and password and make any other changes they may want.

Have you tried resetting to factory settings?

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Isn't this related to the firmware or some other stuff?

You can BYO modem and change whatever settings you want. Just that I do not think you can use VOIP if you BYO modem.

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First you need to be the super or root user to change the settings. Follow the instructions below to enable it.

  1. First things first, open up chrome and login to the router.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and then the USB Sharing menu.
  3. Open chromes page inspector tool by right clicking somewhere on the page and clicking “inspect”.
  4. Next click on the USB Storage Device menu item on the left there.
  5. In the Inspector Tool click on the Network tab across the top and you should see a list of pages and CGI items listed.
  6. See that one labeled CGI followed by a bunch of 5’s ? Select that one and you should see the contents pop up in the right hand column. Now scroll down and there it is.
  7. The SU (super user) username and right below it is the password.

Once you have executed this steps well. you shall be able to modify the settings. Hope this helps!






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Hi @johnshelby, I successfully logged in with the SU would I go about unlocking the modem. Thanks in advance!