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VR1600v to VR1600v access point

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First up, sorry if this is a repeat question but most of this stuff goes over my head.

I've got TPG NBN and it's awesome, and because we've moved around (and interstate) a bit over the last few years, and we always go with TPG, I have a spare VR1600v from a previous home.

Everything is great with current set up, but due to thick concrete walls between the wifi in the front of the house and the bedroom TV, Netflix is sketchy. Solved this by running an ethernet cable and plugging it into the TV. Now it's getting warmer and working from home, I want WIFI out the back of the house.

Is there a simple guide to how to plug in the spare VR1600v to the other end of the ethernet cable and extend our WIFI (preferably with same said)?

I'm not a complete novice but dynamic IPs and EWAN settings go in one ear and out the other.


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You may check the previous conversation on this thread, which may give you an idea on how to set it up as an access point.

Check for @JovermarL's comment.