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WPS Not Working VX220-G2V

Level 4

I am trying to setup a Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Extender on the new VX220-G2V, when I push the button on the top - nothing, when I click on connect in the management page, yes the light flashes but the extender isn't connecting.


@Fiery . The WPS function has to be enabled in the router wireless config.

The WPS connection has to be initiated by the extender. When the WPS light flashes on VX, press the WPS button.


To login to VX admin, enter the ip address found on the label on VX. Usually, the address is 

Level 3

Hi david64,


I have just had my VX220-G2V installed, and have the same problem - the WPS button doesn't light up when I press it. I also have been adding range extenders.


I have confirmed that WPS is enabled in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


In the end, I have been able to add the range extenders using the TP-Link Tether App, but it would be nice if the WPS button worked, since I also have a WiFi printer that requires WPS connection.