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Where is my MODEM & Compensation??

Level 2
Where is my modem that was ordered on Friday 31st of Jan? Been without internet for 8 weeks! Finally NBN did what they needed to but you guys are not sending out a new modem to me? You charged me $59.99 for dec when I had no internet! I authorised you take another payment for FEb on the basis I receive my modem! Again charged and no service! I still waiting to be reimbursed and receive my MODEM! I was supposed to receive a tracking number by phone or text yesterday and did not get anything! I have complained to the telecommunications ombudsman about the service and over 10 hours I gave spent on the phone trying to resolve this. Your customer service team lies gives fake promises and it’s not acceptable!

Hi @Bally2020


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We'd certainly like to check what happened in this instance however I'm unabe to locate your account using your Community details. 


Please send your Customer ID or service address via private message  so we can assist you accordingly. 



Level 2

I've had the same happen to me. When i'm on hold for a couple of hours to their chat system, they tell me it was dispatched 2 weeks ago - but then ignore me when i ask for a tracking number.