Wifi dropping out

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Hi, lately my wifi keeps dropping out. 

I have a google mini and the music stops playing every few minutes.

I have a smart tv with Netflix and the speed test on that was approx 8Mbps and the quality was very poor, the video looked liked 480p video.  The TV is approx 3-4 metres away from the router going through 1 gyprock wall.  I never had that problem in the past.

  I have performed a speed test on my smartphone and the results were approx 48Mbps sitting right next to the modem, but Im not sure if that is a true indicator.

I have read other posts and I believe I have the lateset firmware for my Archer VR1600v router, and there doesnt seem to be any firmware file on TP-Links website for my router.

Speed through the ethernet cable is fine without any obvious trouble. I have 2 pc's connected to it, and the TV can alternatviely connect via ethernet as well.

I have FTTC.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Budz_1 


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For customers experiencing issues with their WiFi connection, we've created some articles that will guide you on how to improve it.

Here are the links:

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Let us know how it goes.