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Will any FTTN modem work on the TPG network?

Level 2

Just had the NBN tech diagnose our NBN fault to be the Modem. He said TPG will replace it, When will this new modem be dispached? Can I use a FTTN modem from another ISP while we wait for the new one to arrive?

Level 3

From my understanding any VDSL modem will work for data but only TPG supplied modems will work with their VOIP service.


Hi @jodiglen,


I checked the account and seen that the replacement modem was already approved today and our Engineering team is waiting for further update on the delivery details.


Please be advised that metropolitan deliveries to capital cities are normally made on the next working day. Deliveries in other areas are normally made within 2-7 working days, depending on your location.


If you have a NBN FTTN VDSL2 modem available, it may work given that you configured it with the correct settings such as entering your correct TPG username and Password.


You may refer on this link for more information on some of the compatible modem for NBN FTTN/B.


Kind regards,