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pfSense bridge to Archer VR1600v without double NAT (FTTC)

Level 2

Im trying to bridge from my pfSense box to my Archer VR1600v ver2.0 via WAN port.

i want the Archer to be a wireless access point on the same subnet as the pfSense box.

The pfSense box succesfully connects with PPoE.

I can get the Archer VR1600 to bridge with EWAN dynamic IP (the pfSense box acts as a DHCP server), however this creates a double NAT situation where all the clients connected to the Archer VR1600 are on a differnt IP subnet.

I CANT get an internet connection if i go to DSL and add a VLAN bridge?


How can i get the Archer VR1600 to just bridge internet and leave the DHCP up to the pfSense box all on same subnet?


Firmware version: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 200810 Rel.53181n


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Level 15

Hi @pfSense .

Do factory reset on Archer.

Change its ip address to dot 2 as in diagram.

Disable DHCP.

Check that VLAN ID is disabled.

Connect Archer WAN port to pfsense LAN port.

If doesn't work, connect Archer LAN port to pfsense LAN port.