tenda nova mesh mw3

Level 2
hi i am trying to solve some all house stable internet. can someone advise if tenda nova mesh mw3 3pack would be compatible on the tpg network to use on its own. or if someone can suggest a great mesh set up that would be great
Level 15

Hi @andyiwancz02 . If you have this already, you can try this.

Have you tried setting the Tenda into Bridge mode in Internet settings.

From the user manual:

Bridge: If this type is selected, the nova node can access the internet only after being connected to another
router with internet accessibility in wired manner.

If you set the Connection Type to Bridge, the Guest Network, Parental Control, Port Forwarding, UPnP,
DNS, QoS, and DHCP server functions becomes unavailable.


Tenda doesn't seem to have VLAN setting so it may not work by itself. 

FTTP or BYO router data only plan does not use VLAN. Tenda might be ok here.


Do a search in Community; enter    mesh    in search bar. There are a few mesh models mentioned.