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wi fi bulb will not connect to TP link 1600 Archer

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I have tried to connect a new Mirabella Genio wifi bulb to my router above and it refuses to connect. I have followed the set up to the letter and it times out. Is their a setting that is preventing this?  i know about the 2.4 GHZ only. Puzzled.


Hi @lmckenzie2


Welcome to the Community! 


We're sorry to learn that you are having difficulty on connecting and setting up your equipment. If the details that I managed to locate is correct, you are on the NBN FTTP service which we provide the TP Link Archer VR1600v.


To address your query, we have not set any restriction nor any special setting with its Wi-Fi capability and it should still function as a normal router. 


What I could recommend though is to fully check if your Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi bulb is compatible with your current router or might as well check out their support for further assistance.