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2 NBN internet for 1 dewlling?

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I am living in FTTN area and currently using NBN/landline phone package by Optus.

What if I want to 2nd(separate) NBN internet connection by TPG for some reason and keep Optus NBN.

Is it possible? The Optus technician had been advised the dwelling has a spare landline phone and it may possible to install, however, I wanted to double check. Thanks,



Hi @gguser,


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Please PM us your complete address so we can look into this and provide a detailed response to your query.


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Hi @gguser,

Thanks for sending us your details. We can only provide one NBN connection per address not unless you do have more than 1 copper line connected then a second connection from a different provider can be done. Let me know if you would like me to put you in contact with a member of our sales team who can assist further.