36hrs offline

Level 2
I am about 36 hours offline, with issue on NBN. NBNco acknowledges the issue and says they're investigating and tell me to get more information from TPG. But TPG simply don't pick up their phone. I keep listening to a calm music while waiting forever for a technician. Could I please get some assistance?
Level 7

Whatever the answer to this particular thread, there is a very common complaint that TPG are not responding to telephone help calls. Personally I've always had good service on the phone, but I haven't needed any for ages. If helplines are now not being peopled as stated by *many* posters, then TPG need to fix this urgently.


Hi @duderamos1,


We recommend to always visit our Service Status page to check for maintenance/outage: https://support.tpg.com.au/servicestatus


If your service is still not working, please send us a private message and we'll help sort out your service.