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Hi, I’ve just had nbn HFC installed. Previously I was running an Netgear Orbi meshed wifi off the Telstra cable modem. It was working well.

I now have an extra box in the chain as the TPG TPlink Router between the nbn Cable modem and the Netgear Orbi network. I’m continually getting 404 Error messages when I connect to the Orbi network (which I need to cover the house).

I’ve read where I need to either set the TPlink modem to bridge mode or to set the Orbi to AP mode.

Any suggestions?

I’m currently averaging 20mg download on the 100 plan so not happy with throughput either!
Level 2
After many attempts I’ve managed to ‘fix’ the problem. I’ve turnwd off the wifi on the TPLink TPG modem and then set the Orbi to being AP. It was a little difficult as the 404 error was stopping me from logging in to admin on the Orbi, but I found a way around that.

There is still a degradation of service on the wifi, much greater than when I was on Telstra cable, and I’m not getting expected speeds but I’ll sort that later.

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I'm glad that you're able to find a way to sort it out. Thank you also for giving everyone in the community an idea of getting a TP-Link modem and a Netgear Obi to work together.


Do let us know if you have other concerns or if you need help in checking the connection speed later.