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Connecting ASUS DSL-AC55U modem/router to NBN FTTN

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I’ve followed some of the posts with other ASUS routers but they have slightly different setups than the DSL-AC55U.

Has anyone been able to connect the DSL-AC55U to the NBN provided box for FTTN?

Router specs:
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Hi @Breettoo . Did you download the manual from the Asus website? Page 61 has details on internet connection. 

The cable goes from wall socket to DSL port; no splitter is used.

Can you try these settings (page 61).

Transfer mode: VDSL WAN (PTM)

Service unit: Internet

Enable: Yes

IP version: IPv4

WAN Connection type: PPPoE

Enable UPnP: no (for now)

802.1q Enable?: Yes


Other settings not shown in manual:

Connect to DNS server automatically, Enable NAT.

Leave Dual WAN off.


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Thanks David,


So no requirement for the NBN box?  

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@Breettoo . Correct.

You should confirm your type of plan by logging in to My Account/Plan and Contract details.

You can also check your address here:

If you were sent a "NBN box" or there was one already there, you may not be FTTN.

If TPG sent you a wifi router, you should get this one working first.

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Hi David,


I checked and we are on NBN FTTC.  We were given an NBN box and a TPG router which has been working for over 6 months but its hopeless which is why I got the ASUS router.

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@Breettoo . Use ethernet cable from nbn box to WAN port on Asus.

Change WAN Transfer mode to Ethernet WAN.

Other settings same.


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Hi I’m having trouble with the same modem
I’m not getting a dsl light

Hi @Deaniselin


Welcome to the Community!


If you are under the same NBN FTTN technology, then you need to make sure that the modem/router is connected directly to the wall socket without any filter/splitter.


Make sure that your service is installed and active if you are trying to set up a new modem/router.


In order to check on this further, please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.