Crazy Ping Spikes on Xbox

Level 3
NBN FTTP 100/20
Been having issues with ping spikes on FIFA 23 , EA FC 24 , Call of duty MW2 for the past 2 weeks
My ping which is usually stable between 4-7ms randomly goes up to 150ms+ on COD every couple of minutes. My ping on fifa jumps from 4ms to 2999ms randomly at least 5 times each game.
This issue has been present since late august I have called TPG technical support, bought a new modem, tried everything to get it sorted with no luck
Today (29/9/23) my ping on COD has gone up from the usual 4ms and has been sitting at 170ms - 290ms all day I tried deleted and re downloading the game with no luck. My neighbour who lives in the same building is not having this issue at all, he is with Aussie Broadband. I need help with this issue otherwise my only option is to cancel and change ISP after being with TPG for around 7 years with no issues at all during that time. I was told this could be due to a problem with the VPN TPG uses to connect to Activision or something I’m not sure but I tried every fix with tpg’s technical support with no luck
Level 15

Hi @Riots . Is your Xbox using ethernet or wifi connection?

Do you know the hostnames or ip addresses of any game servers? Check COD if it is more frequent.

If your Xbox is wifi, there could be wifi interference or weak signal, so use ping to check response times to router.

Eg. ping -t

Use control C to stop command. If you get game pings of 4-7 ms, response time to router should be 1 ms.


In either case, use   ping -t   to a game server. Let it run until you have long response times. Stop the ping command and do   tracert   comand a few times to hostname or ip address.This will show delays between hops or bad routing.

You might ask your neighbour to do the same command and compare routing.