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DSL light flashing for last 10 hours

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We have had drop outs (DSL light flashing) around the same time (6pm ish) for a couple of months. It has been ok for the last week or so but dropped out last night around 6pm (when I noticed) and has not been back since (approx 10 hours). The modem would appear to be in a constant loop attempting to connect to the exchange. A number of reboots has made no difference.


Hi @hoopsnall


Welcome to the Community! 


Using your Community details as reference, I've managed to locate the account and have detected no signal as well on the line. We have yet to determine the cause of the issue hence I have raised the issue to our Engineering team for further investigation. 


Please ensure to still leave the modem connected and turned on at all times. Kindly await updates within the next 24hrs. 


Feel free to let us know should you have further queries. 


Thank you,