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Did not receive NCD and conflicting emails from TPG.

Level 2

Customer ID: 342XXXX

I have received my TPG modem in the mail but it did NOT come with the NCD. When will I receive this device?

I have also received conflicting emails stating the following:


"Unfortunately, we are currently unable to activate the NBN connection to your premises, because the installation has been requested to be cancelled."


I have not requested any cancellations.


TPG then follows up with an email stating that my NBN order installation is confirmed.

I am confused and not sure what the problem is.


Hi @sarilita


Welcome to Community! 


It appeared that you have been assisted by one of our Case Managers and already requested for an NCD to be delivered. Please disregard the email you received as that is just an automated email. 


Once you receive the NCD, please have it set up then contact us again so our Provisioning team can run remote test and proceed with the remote activation. 


For your reference: 


Should you have further queries, feel free to let me know. 



Note: I have modified your post specifically the Customer ID for privacy and security of your account





Level 2

Thank you @Ahra_G.


 I will get back to you as soon as the NCD has arrived and connected.