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Difficulties connecting to my new NBN modem

Level 12

Make a new post now explaining you never received the nbn-compatible wifi router from TPG. And you only have the nbn connection box.

A moderator should see it tomorrow. I think it will be better if you do the post first thing tomorrow. They may not look at any from the day before.

Level 12

I can see your new post has been taken up by a moderator. To send a PM, click on his name which takes you to his profile page where there is a box to Send a message.


Looking at the last picture you uploaded, the cables are correct for this type of modem. The Netgear port 4 is dual purpose. But there is a setting in the config to make it dual purpose.


It looks like all 4 lights are lit on the nbn box. Can you say what lights are lit on the Netgear box.

(From bottom up: Power on, 1,2,3,4 off unless a computer is connected, USB off if no device connected,

then WAN, DSL, Internet, then Wifi, and WPS at top.)