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Extreme delay in NBN installation

Level 1c
My installation was scheduled between 8am-12pm today; i had to cancel my usual committments for this but the technician has not arrived even though its already past 2pm

i have been contacted once AFTER 12pm saying the technician was busy and would arrive in about an hour which turned out not to be true and i have not been given any number i could use to contact the technician

i am going to wait for another hour but at the same time, im thinking of cancelling the whole service.

if this were to happen what would be the cost involved? i did get the modem with the initial payment of 99.99 but have not used any service with tpg
Level 1c
Dear admins,

it's currently 3.20 and i have not had any message/call/update on the visit

please advise what would be the next step i should take
Level 1c
Still the same at 4.40
Level 1c
And at 7.40pm

Hi @jwkevin94


Welcome to the Community! 


I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and have seen what happened in this instance. 


We successfully install thousands of NBN services every week however, regrettably this was not your experience. Due to weather conditions, the technician was not able to complete the job yesterday.


We realised that you have spoken to one of our Case Managers and advised us that you will be in touch once you are ready to have another appointment. 


I would recommend though to at least provide us with an approximate date so we can reserve one for you since NBN scheduling is processed in the order it was received. 


We truly apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.