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Try and post this again - can't find post i did earlier today.

Waited over 4 years for NBN in my little pocket of Baldivis WA that new areas all around me in same suburb  got from day 1.

Got email from TPG Oct to say get in early with order NBN coming. Ordered NBN100 straight away

Got email from TPG to say your area active Jan 4

Got email Jan 5 to say delay

Got email from iiNET on Jan 12 to say we can provide it NOW.

Sent TPG a question as to avaialbilty same day. Responded YES. I authorised porting of phone to TPG.

Got email Jan 14 to say all good and install ordered.

Get email Jan 16 to say goods en route. Received Jan 17

Got text Jan 18 saying you've got modem etc, connect up. Couldn't - at work

Got text Jan 19 saying you've got modem etc, connect up. Couldn't - out all day

Got text Jan 20 saying you've got modem etc, connect up. TRIED. Nothing worked

NCD has hard Blue power light, and flashing NBN COnnection light. Neither WAN or DSL lights on in any colour.

Modem has hard green power, 2.4gz,5gz and LAN lights. But no INTErNET ligh.

I have no phone. 

Called this morning for support and advised, after 'troubleshooting' that a TPG techo would call within 2 days to then make appointment to come out to see me - when??? In this day and age is that good enought? Technically we could make,and keep, appointments electronically immediately couldn't we? To have to sit and wait for 'up to 2 days' for a call to make an appointment is pretty ridiculous.

Been with TPG since 1996ish. Never had a complaint. BUT really upset with this.



We apologise for the inconvenience this NBN installation delay is causing you and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this, @Roddy19.


We were unable to locate the account using your community details.


Please PM us your customer ID, username and address so we can take a look at your account and check what happened.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


Hi @Roddy19, thank you for providing the account details via PM.


We can see that this issue has been escalated to our Provisioning Team and they are working on sending a TPG Technician for further investigation.


We'll make a follow up and will have someone contact you before before 7PM WA Time to discuss the proposed schedule for a technician visit.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.

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7pm came and went. 8pm came and went. Is now almost 9pm and nobody called.

It's a pity your firm's response to issues is not as quick as your firm's response to sales requests. THAT was within 20 minutes of me enquiring about NBN way back in Oct. Appreciate it's not necessarily YOUR problem but it is your firm's. Can I expect a call tomorrow wed 23/1 and some help in rectifying my/our problem? Thanks

Apologies if you didn't receive a callback last night, @Roddy19.


We'll make a follow up with our Provisioning Team and will make sure that you will be contacted before 12PM WA Time today.


Hi @Roddy19, we can see that our Provisioning Team has been in touch and discussed the technician visit schedule.


As advised, a TPG TTF has been booked for 30/Jan/19, between 10am and 2pm.


Should you have further queries, feel free to message us. Thank you.


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Well, techo turned up today right on time. Fantastic service - THANKS. Plugged his little box into something, turned everything on and said "NBNCO have not finished their job - there is NO NBN line on this line 95****61"  - which is the number I asked for NBN to be on and ported to TPG.


Made an appointment for NBNCO to come out to house on Feb 12 to finish their work.


But MY wife then said, after techo went, "what if we plugged the NBN stuff into the line 95****48 - our CURRENT ASL line?" Tried that and NBN works! 


SO NBN IS NOT on the line I wanted, nor the line that I have asked TPG to port over - 95****61.


Our normal phones still work on the line as was  - 95****61 - as it is still a Telstra line!


What happens now? Can I get the ACTUAL NBN line which WAS 95****48 ported instead as our new phone number? Otherwise I can't get rid of the 2 telstra lines?


I MAY have to cancel the PORTING and just retain Telstra on one line. But CAN I reduce my NBN from NBN100 incl calls to just NBN100 and NO calls...


ANSWER please TPG BEFORE doing anything. 


We sincerely apologize for the trouble you have encountered with the service @Roddy19.


This details  are much appreciated as this will help us to escalate this matter with our Service Delivery Team. May we also ask where is the NBN device currently connected? Is it on the ***48 or ***61? 

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we plugged the NBN NCD into the line 95****48 - which WAS our dedicated ADSL line and NBN works. 


SO NBN IS NOT on the line I wanted, nor the line that I have asked TPG to port over - 95****61.


But we'll obviously keep it on ******48 as it works.


We cant get the modem to show the INTERNET light on though.



Hi @Roddy19,


Thanks for the additional information. 


Currently, the installation for your NBN FTTC is still in progress. 


Once this has been completed, then porting of your number will commence. 


I've chased this case to our Provisioning team and has requested for a call tomorrow to provide you further information regarding their next step in resolving this issue. 


We really appreciate your patience and can assure you that we will do all we can to get your service up and running as soon as possible.