Granny Flat Wifi Extension

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I have recently moved into a rental with my parents living in the established granny flat at the back. At the moment we have the one modem at the main house which is connected to NBN FTTC. They are currently able to access wifi at theirs though it isn't strong. They do have phone points in the granny flat though we're not sure if it's a separate connection or if it is somehow wired to my connection. 

We would like to either,

a. find out whether the connections are separate or are all under the same NBN connection therefore all requiring to be on the same modem

b. find out how I can extend the wifi access to their premises, considering they do have a phone line in their unit, I'm assuming this meant the previous tenant was able to access internet directly?

c. if the above isn't possible, is there some sort of wifi/modem extender which could be plugged into their end which would essentially piggyback off of our wifi? Or will I need some sort of a stronger modem/plan?


Happy to purchase whatever works best, I just don't know what that would be!


Hi @logannikora,


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We do not supply Wi-Fi mesh or extension routers but we recommend to check on google the best Mesh Router/Extension Router that will be suitable for the Granny Flat's connection but you may need to consider if its compatible with the current mode/router that you have. There are some threads here in our community that you may find helpful, I will also include the article about choosing the best NBN plan for you.

See links below.