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How to access internet? No internet access yet

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I have received the TPG NBN internet modem. I attempted to connect it to the phone LAN port, but there is no internet connection. Could you please check if the internet service is activated? Which port should the internet be connected to?

The previous resident used an internet modem that was HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial) style, not LAN cable. The modem you sent uses a LAN cable. If it needs to be connected via HFC, how can I use this modem? Please advise.

Thank you.

Hi @wookangel1004 . TPG will try to have the user equipment present before activation. They also send an email when it is activated. 

What is the state of the lights on the small black NBN box?

You will also use the HFC connection. You need an ethernet cable (not telephone cable) from the NBN box to the ethernet WAN port on the router.  

This article has a picture showing the cabling for VX220.


How's your connection looking now, @wookangel1004?


If you still need a hand getting things up and running, send me a PM and we'll get you online ASAP.