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How to connect TP Link Archer AX 73 to TPG NBN Arris CM8200? We are replacing old Archer VR1600V. Help please with step


@anilpatelindia . The VR1600 config shows you are using VLAN ID so the AX73 has to be set for that also. Look at the iiNet article on the Archer C9 which has similar menu to the AX73 regarding setting VLAN ID. 

You should edit your previous post and delete the screenshots showing your username and password.

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How to do that?

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Thank you very much for your help. Finally after lots of trial & errors setting VLAN ID the internet is on. TPOK.JPG



Hurray! Glad to know that it all worked out. Feel free to create a new thread for future queries.

Thanks to you too @david64