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I didn’t get NCD in my parcel

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Hi, I’ve got only wifi router. How can I connect or I have to wait your technician bring it?

Welcome to the Community @Poompawat.


The availability of the NBN NCD box will depend on the Service Class your address is listed in. There are 4 Service Class for NBN FTTC, which will help service providers to identify if we are going to ship an NCD box or have an NBN technician install it.


These are:


Service Class 30 (FTTC) - Your address is planned to be serviced by Fibre To The Curb (FTTC). At this stage we cannot place an order for you, but you can visit our page and check your address - afterwards you can leave your details and we'll call you back once your service class is updated.


Service Class 31 (FTTC) - Your address is serviceable by FTTC, but there is no lead-in. If you place an order with us we can schedule an appointment to have these installed.


Service Class 32 (FTTC) - Your address is serviceable by FTTC, has a lead-in but it is not connected to a Distribution Point Unit (DPU). An NBN™ Connection Device (NCD) is required. A technician will be scheduled to install your wall-plate and NCD.


Service Class 33 (FTTC) - Your address is serviceable by FTTC, has a lead-in connected to a DPU. An NBN™ Connection Device (DCD) is required. No technician appointment and a Self install kit will be provided.


Service Class 34 (FTTC) - Your address is serviceable by FTTC. Your connection will only take a few business days(Remote Activation).



Your address is under Service Class 32. An NBN technician will be the one to bring the NBN NCD box and install it along with the wall-plate. You'll be updated via Email or SMS with the progress of the order.


We've created an article that will guide you on How to track your TPG service installation.

You may also check and reschedule the TPG installation here.