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I haven't received service for more than a month (TPG NBN serial number mismatch)

Level 1b

Ticket number: 9804267


TPG NBN has been installed and connected, but I haven't received TPG service for more than a month due to the serial number mismatch between my address and NBN box. We have already paid last month fee for unprovided service.


As internet connection is very important to our work I have called and asked to TPG support team serveral times for progression updates regarding the issue. They said that they are checking the current progression and will call us back and keep notifying us for any update, but I haven't received any update from them. I've sent messages, called, and asked them to notify us the current progression, however, no update has been provided to us after they promised us to call back.


Could you please check the current progression of the case, and please advise us how long it will take to solve the issue?

I also request payment deduction for the unprovided service.


Thank you.


Hi @oliviaham0907


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been able to utilize your internet service at the new address and that you haven't been kept in the loop as to the progress.


From what I can tell, the Serial Number of your NTD box points to your neighbor's address. Usually,  NBNCo will need to engage with the service provider of the other customer to get a proof of occupancy document before NBNCo can make any adjustments on their records.


I have already engaged our Provisioning Team to check for the latest update. They will contact you once they receive additional information regarding the case.


My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. I hope you can bear with us further.



Level 1b
Hi, @Will
It is really hard to reach out to the case manager. She/he is so busy all the time. Moreover, I was asked to submit documents (proof of occupancy and a photo of NTD serial number) on 13 September which were already submitted on 6 September.
No feedback regarding the receipt of documents has been provided since 6 September, and I've been asked to send the same documents again (I sent them again anyway).

I have no idea what progression we are on now and whether our documents were received or not.
Could you please advise the case manager to provide us any detailed updates of current progression and expected duration to solve the issue via email or sms? I really want to receive the text feedback in case I miss a call.


Hi @oliviaham0907,


I'm stepping in since @Will is currently not available.


Thank you for sending the needed details again via Email.


We'll chase this with our Service delivery team and have someone to call you to provide further updates.





Hi @oliviaham0907,


Your case manager tried to call you to no avail.


Please PM us your preferred time and alternate number to be contacted so they can try again.