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I see that TPG refuses to take any responsibility when the NBN technician does not show up.

Level 2

Is anybody else still be made to sit home all day for the NBN techinican not to show up then TPG tells you, "Sorry we cant get hold of the techinician, they are running late, can you keep waiting?" What kind of business is that? It is unncaeptable. 


Why would I keep waiting,  for what? They may not come at all? I have to take time off work. NBN and TPG need to compensate the people that have to take so much time off to deal with this stuff. 


I was trying to avoid telstra, but I am going to Telstra. I am sick to death of these providers treating their customers like rubbish. Oh and I love leaving a review or ten too, why not waste some more of my time doing that. 


I have put in a complaint but I suspect it wont be dealt with, thats okay but I know the rules. I make a complaint to you, you cant resolve it and since I have so much time to waste apparently, I will then take it to the ombudsman. 

Level 7

Agreed a no show is frustrating. But the usual reason for an NBN subbie not arriving is that the previous job ran into a snag. Leaving it half done would create even more fury! The NBN no shows can happen with any RSP as NBN is a separate body,  and BTW TPG or any oher RSP cannot contact the NBN subbie directly.


Hi @brodiebee2324,


Sound like there's a fault lodged hence the NBN tech visit. We'd be glad to help resolve and sort this out. 


Please send us a private message and we'll go from there. 



Level 2

Sure thing, however, I had to chase them up, TPG has no idea what is happening, cannot connect with NBN apaprently, nobody called me to tell me that they are running late. In fact, they sent me a text to tell me they were on their way! Thank you for trying to justify this but it is not justifiable. The absolute condescending rudeness of a company that cannot even be bothered to CALL or TEXT somebody to tell them "guess what, we are sorry, we booked you in for this appointment, but our plans have been interrupted, what can we do to rebook this or help" is disgusting. There are no excuses here and your response is why that TPG keep getting away with it. Please stop treating customers like idiots, we are not. My time is as valuable as anyone elses. Would you be happy to take a day off work to wait for an appointment, be told the person was on their way, then wait for them and not get any further communication? No you wouldnt, so just stop it please. 


Level 2

Actually YOUR company told me I needed to upgrade to the NBN FTTP, I never asked for it. So no fault was lodged. And now I have to chase you more? sure thing I will private message you. Also I was waiting for a call back from the supervisor to explain themslevs, in fact Ill ring them back now. I'll also send you a message. How about  YOU message me? No? Because your customer service is rubbish and it is why you have almost zero stars across the internet for your service.