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Installation on Dec 23 - worried

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I have been exceptionally disappointed with TPG with my NBN installation. I have probably spent a few hours with multiple calls with multiple customer service and NBN service delivery staff.


Summary of Issue:

As I was returing home to Sydney permanently on Dec 16 I started the NBN ordering process a few months back from overseas. Sales rep mentioned the entire process was easy and it wasn't

I asked for my NBN box and modem to be sent to an alternative address as my new house was still being built. I had to chase up a few times with TPG and only then they sent out the 2 items.

I was then told multiple times I could just plug in the 2 itmes to my new house and NBN would work. It didn't work and has caused massive disruption to my business as I work from home. 

I was then informed that my NBN cable would need to be pulled from the road to the house and a technician could only visit on Dec 23 putting my work from home plans being disrupted massively.

I am very worried now that the technician visit on Dec 23 will not fix the issue as I desperately need NBN/Wifi urgently. 




Hi @matrix


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and check the status report of your NBN installation.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG account details.