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My family has recently moved into a brand new house and the NBN was set up over a few weeks after we moved in. We were connected from last Tuesday until Sunday.

Internet went down on Sunday afternoon, tried all the steps to get it going again but nothing worked. Woke up this morning and Internet was back up and running like normal. Around 11:30am it dropped out again. Checked NBN connection box and UNID-1 light is out. Tried changing cords and alternating ports but nothing seems to be working.

After reading some other posts I’m starting to think that the recent bad weather we have experienced might have something to do with it? There was a large storm that hit our area on Friday evening. But the network was fine until Sunday? So I’m a bit confused!

Would love some feedback or ideas of what to do next. I have lodged the fault with TPG.

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I’ve now just discovered that when I connect the TPLINK router directly to the NBN connection box, the internet works fine.

Must be a wiring issue within the house??

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Based on what you've advised, it is possible that there's a problem within the internal wiring.


You may hire a private technician to test the lines and change it if possible.


Let us know if you need further assistance.