Moving house

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I have an issue that someone may be able to help me with 🤞🏻I have taken my modem and NBN box and chords to my new house and have plugged it in and have gotten signal and can actually connect my devices- however, I have no internet available and cannot go online, does TPG have to click a button or just flick a switch for me to be able to go on the internet all of a sudden in my new house? Or do I need a TPG technician to come and do something?
I have changed my address with TPG and am awaiting their response on why my internet isn’t working 😕

Hi @Jackellis8 . The NBN box is the property of NBNCo and should have been left at your old house. The wifi router is yours and goes with you. Your new house should have had an NBN box left by previous resident. When people move, the new house may use a different technology than the old house. You could return the NBN box to your old address. If there is no reply to this from a moderator tomorrow, you should make a new request.


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We were able to locate your account and learned that you've been in touch with our team.


A new NBN NTD box has been requested and further updates will be provided once available.