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Lead-In Conduit (LIC) / Civil works required to complete installation

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I'm staying at XXXXX, Castle Hill 2154, NSW and I've recently requested for the NBN 50 plan through TPG for my property and an NBN installer came on the 5th June 2019 and he has connected the internal network cleanly. However he was unable to finish the installation as according to him the underground Lead-In Conduit (LIC) is missing and it was not connected to my property's PCD from the street's multiport (MPT) and that Civil Works would be required. I've then received an email from TPG on the 10th June 2019 saying that there is an External Network Shortfall – Civil Works will be required, attached is the email from TPG.


Then I've got another call on the 14th of June from NBN saying that this has been resolved and they will send another NBN installer on the 17th of June 2019 to finish the installation. But when the 2nd NBN installer arrived he gave the same reason: that Civil works is required to install the underground Lead-In Conduit for my property as he is not getting any signal, so NBN has just wasted my time as I've taken time off from work.


So I called TPG to confirm what is going on and why the problem wasn't communicated between the NBN departments in the first place and according to TPG, NBN is still saying that the Civil Works have been completed in their latest report when clearly it has not. Could TPG help to properly communicate this back to NBN to check on this and to get back to me on when the Civil Works will actually start and when will it be finished?


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Hi @kienchung 


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry that you've had a roller coaster ride in trying to get the service installed. This is definitely not the type of installation experience that we want you to have.


I reviewed your order's history and yes, you are correct, the initial appointment was tagged as incomplete because of an issue with the Lead-In Conduit and cable. Your order was then placed on Held status with a Remediation Date of June 25. However, NBNCo changed the status of your order on June 12 and that they booked an appointment for June 17. When we clarified this with NBNCo, they advised that the remediation works were already done. The June 17 technician appointment was also tagged as incomplete citing bad weather conditions.


Now I can see that another appointment is booked for next week. However, our Provisioning Team has raised a ticket to NBNCo to clarify if this is for the installation of the underground conduit. At this point, we have no response yet from NBNCo. As soon as new information is available, you will be notified further by your Case Manager.



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Thanks for the quick reply TPG, will wait for the confirmation on the next installation appointment next week.




No worries, @kienchung.


It seems like NBNCo has already responded and they mentioned that the appointment is for standard installation since the order is no longer in-held.


Feel free to drop by if you still require our assistance.

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Hi Will,

thanks for the update, could get more clarification on what is meant by "the order is no longer in-held"? And standard installation would mean that NBN would connect the HFC cable from our street to our property's utility box on the outside as explained from the attached? If yes I look forward to the appoint on this Friday 28th of June 2019 between 8am to 12pm.




Hi @kienchung,


You are correct.


Standard installation will proceed and your attendance is required during the appointment window.