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Missing NBN HFC power cable

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I have recently moved to a new place and have requested TPG for the move of the internet as well.

Yesterday when I went to the property I realised the NBN box is missing and I asked the owner about it.

He took the box with him at the time of shifting. But gave it back to me along with the wires and charging adaptor.

What I realised is that the power adaptor is not connecting to the NBN box. I have tried other modem related power brick as well but nothing is going into the socket. looks like the NBN box have customised power cable.


Can someone helps where can I get this power adaptor, my interntet is supposed to start from today but the NBN box is not powered


Hi @bryanbhakuni1,


We can definitely send you a power adaptor for your nbn box. Please send us a private message and confirm your address.