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Nbn fttc installation problem

Level 2
Hi, I'm receiving SMS messages to connect my modem to activate my service.

I try to follow the link provided for instructions and receive an error message than I'm not authorised to view the post.

I have connected the modem and followed all instructions I could find on this forum but still received a sms stating that my service couldn't be activated.

Please help Smiley Happy

Hi @edmundobrien . Telephone cable from wall socket to white NBN box.

Ethernet cable from white NBN box to WAN/Internet port on router.

Give it 5 minutes to settle down.

What lights are lit on NBN box and router?

What model router?

Level 2
Cables are correct.
Router is a tp-link 9970.
NBN connection box had, 3 solid blue lights and one flashing amber.
Router had typical lights but no internet connection light.

Have the router setup for WAN, Vlan, ID2, Pppoe and username and password.

Is the username with or without I tried both.

The setup is for my Grandfather who lives 2 hours away, but I can be there this weekend.


@edmundobrien . The ethernet cable from NBN box goes in LAN4/WAN socket next to VDSL socket.

The 4th light on NBN box flashes with data between it and router. (Amber might be 100Mbps speed.)

The Operation Mode has to be set to:

Wireless Router Mode: In this mode, the device enables multi-users to share Internet via Ethernet WAN (EWAN) using its interchangeable LAN/WAN port and share it wirelessly at 300Mbps wireless 802.11n speeds.

After you click Save, the Note Dialog will appear. Click OK and then the modem router will reboot.


You can check the router's System Log.

Go to System Tools → System Log, and then you can view the logs of the modem router.

Level 2
I appear to have done all of that.

I didn't try run a log and see what it said. I'll do that next time I'm there, thanks.


Hi @edmundobrien

Let us have a look at your connection. Sounds to me that you aren't getting any sync on your equipment. 


Send us your Customer ID or username via private message so we can run remote tests on your line.