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Moving Home Fail- Terrible Customer Service

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I am recently having a terrible customer service from TPG. 
9 August 2020 
I called TPG to transfer my internet to my new address. 
We agreed to cancel my current internet on 13 August.
We created a new account for my new address.
I have been told that Fibre is not available but NBN is. So TPG offered me to connect NBN. I accepted.
12th August 2020
I received my NBN modem at my new address. 
13th August 2020
I paid $199.94 
14th of August 2020
I received an email saying that my  equipment order number xxxx has been dispatched by StarTrack. 
I thought this was another device related to my initial NBN bundle request. 
15th of August 2020
I was sleeping and I received a call from TPG in the early morning  by an inpatient and aggressive customer representative.
They required a proof of tenancy so they can connect my NBN internet. I supplied this in following days.
Following days I received couple of calls from TPG regarding my new address. Eventually TPG could not proceed with NBN installation because of technical issues(no further explanation). 
I have been told that NBN is not available but ADSL is. So TPG offered me to connect ADSL. 
I have been told that and they won’t send me new ADSL modem but I must buy or find one.
I have been told that the amount needed will be reduced from my existing payment(199.94 for NBN) and no further payment required. 
I accepted.
18th of August 2020
TPG charged me another 179.94 without my knowledge.  I called to request a refund.
21 of August 2020
I have received a SMS saying that “refund will be processed once the modem is returned”.
TPG called me at 9.p.m. saying that ADSL is not available at my new address but NBN is. They offered me NBN. I felt like I was on a prank. 
She said she will direct me another department to discuss further. She hanged up and the department she redirected me was not working at this time and she had no idea about it. At that time I was sure that I was being pranked. 
22 of August 2020
I called TPG to learn what is this all about.
After 35 minutes TPG told me that I will have my refund once I returned two modems. No further explanation. 
I also have been told that my internet on previous address is still not cancelled and I have to call customer support to cancel.
I had to ring TPG 10 times and I received weird calls in the early morning on weekend or late night during weekdays. 
I was sent a modem and charged $179.94 for it without my knowledge.
I was redirected to not-operating departments 4 times. 
I was charged $379.88 for no service.
I will have to ship these modems back like have nothing to do better.
My internet was not cancelled on the day we agreed so had to fill another cancellation form. You will probably request a payment for these days too..
Terrible service, very unorganised and no coordination between departments. Literally, my money taken for nothing and I will have to wait for days and weeks to be refunded.
I will let every know to stay away from TPG. I will warn people on the internet not to face the issues that I have been facing recently.

I am still waiting answers for
Why exactly none of the internet options are not available on my new address?
Why did you send me an adsl modem without my knowledge and charged me an extra $179.94 ? 
Why didn't you cancel my previous internet from my previous address even we already talked and agreed on this?
Why are you keep calling me and trying to connect NBN and then ADSL and then NBN again like it is an endless loop?
Alican Baris



Hi @JonB


Thanks for raising this in the community and we apologise for the inconvenience.


We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.


How do I private message (PM) in the community?