NBN Activation

Level 1d
My NBN activation is saying in progress when I check on install what does that mean ? It is also saying a technician appointment is set for Tuesday 24th March that was yesterday no one came. Do I have to reschedule another appointment for technician my modem is set up
What do I need to do now sit & wait or what. No communication from TPG

Hi @suewilko7340


For customers who would like to check the status of their service installation/activation, we have created this community article, which contains a video on How to track your TPG service installation


We also send an email notification once the service is activated. If you have received this email and the service is still not working, we recommend to check if the equipment is properly set up by going to this link : New Connection Setup Help


In your case, a new schedule has been booked to install your service and an Email notification was sent for further information.



Level 1d
Yes thanks I have a new date for installation 😊