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Hi there, I understand I'm in the same boat as many others but would like clarification around my scenario.


I have just moved into a new apartment - that is part of a building that is already connected to the NBN. We have moved in to discover that the NBN Connection Box is missing. My property manager has provided no assistance in locating the box, which according to TPG, has already been installed in the property. I presume it is lost or was taken by prior tenant. Either way, it's not at the unit.


We are currently 2.5 weeks without internet and looking at a minimum of a month more.


As far as I understand there is a pause on NEW connections - however, again my understanding - this is not a new connection? I would presume that NEW connections would still be able to rely on their current service, e.g. ADSL.


We have nothing to rely on but mobile phone data, since the building is already connected to the NBN.


I was told by Vodafone that NBN has an extra supply of these boxes for such cases like ours - since we are not seeking a NEW connection; we are already connected but cannot do anything but chew through our data (while working from home) until we get this box.


I managed to get in touch with NBN and they told me that:


Your order is currently in Pending Status, awaiting an Retail Service Provider (RSP) action to allow the order to progress. Please speak to your RSP for additional detail on what is required.


We would also like to advise you to contact your RSP regarding the missing equipment in the premises. RSP needs to raise the service request ticket for missing equipment in the premises with nbn relating to this matter. 


Our specialist area will then work with your RSP and will liaise directly with your RSP to provide updates on the incident. 


If your RSP has already raised an incident, we recommend that you contact them directly to follow-up on the progress of this matter. 


If some clarification can be provided around our scenario it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


Hi @dp1


Due to the global equipment shortage impacting NBN Co’s supply of NBN connection boxes needed to install  'Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial' (also known as HFC for short) NBN services.

All customers (New installation or missing NBN NTD) under the NBN HFC footprint are affected by this issue.

This has been raised by our NBN service delivery team with the wholesale provider (NBN Co.) and currently waiting for updates.


We'll chase this with our NBN service delivery team and have a case manager to contact you for further discussion.

We apologise for the inconvenience.



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Hi @BasilDV 


Thank you for your response.


However based on what NBN have said here https://www.nbnco.com.au/utility/global-supply-shortage-impacting-nbn-HFC-connections it seems that we indeed fall into the below category:


I’m about to move into a new property that is already on the nbn™ HFC network – will I be able to connect?

Our current intention is to continue enabling orders to be placed for premises that will be reconnecting to the nbn™ HFC network (i.e. if the previous occupier of the premises had been connected to the nbn™ network before moving). However, if your premises is connecting to the nbn™ network for the first time and we don’t have an order in our system before 2 February 2021, the order will not be able to be placed. 


Again, as far as I understand, the building is not connecting to the nbn network for the first time, and that we are "reconnecting to the nbn™ HFC network", as per the FAQ response on nbn's own website and that they are "continue enabling orders to be placed" for these customers.


If you can provide further clarity it would be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance,



Hi @dp1, your NBN order has been placed.


I have checked your account and NBN classified your address as service class 24. Meaning, the address has been connected to NBN network before and should have an existing NTD.


Since the NTD is missing, our Provisioning Team is coordinating this with NBN Co. NBN Co. normally send a technician to install a new NTD, however, due to an ongoing global equipment shortage, we expect a delay. 


Please be advised that a service request ticket has been raised to NBN Co. We have made a follow up with our Provisioning Team and the Case Manager will contact you once an update is received. 

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Hi, thank you


I have been frequently updated by phone and text message by TPG which I really appreciate.


Last night I received the great news that my appointment has been booked for next Tuesday.


Hoping for a smooth process from now on.


Thanks for all of your assistance.




Glad to be of help, @dp1. Our Provisioning Team is closely monitoring your case and will be in touch for any additional updates. Feel free to message us should you have further queries. Cheers!