NBN Connection

Level 2
I moved into a property in Billy's Lookout (Newcastle) August 2019. I soon realised the service coverage was poor within this area. My optus phone signal is none existant within the property in which optus suggested to get a wifi connection. I did, Optus' broadband network had not signal for 6 months. So after numerous phone calls of which lasted atleast 1 hr each time i cancelled this service. I signed up with TPG NBN to avoid any ongoing network issues in this location and change to fibre to the premises on Febraury 13th 2020. TPG originally said the installation would be complete on the 27th of February. TPG engaged nbn to install the NBN box in the Garage (Complete), the NBN contractor told me that the fibre to the premises was still 75m away from the property, he didn't have enough cable to complete the installation and the NBN contruction contractors would complete this only days later... which they did ( they knocked on the door and said they had completed this action). TPG rang me up and said there is a revised date for completion of the 1st April which i didnt agree with and requested the issue to be escalated with someone to call me back in 48hrs. (no call back.. simply a text to say the date was to remain 1st April). Three days away from the installation completion date of 1st April TPG ring and tell me the revised date for completion is 27th May. I am now working from home where i do not have phone signal or internet and have been without it for 8 months going on  9 Months. The box in the garage is simply displaying a red light. WHAT IS THE ISSUE ? WHY SAY NBN IS AVAILABLE AT THE PREMISES IF IT ISNT? 
Ontop of this i have just been on hold for 55 minutes to be told by an automated message that TPG are now working from home and an online chat can be used. When a question is placed in the chat field it immediately responds "Our team members are currently serving other customers. We appreciate your patience. Please try again later." 
I would request this issue be resolved promptly.