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NBN FTTC... how is NCD delivered?

Level 2

I have ordered a FTTC NBN Service with TPG and have an installation appointment Thursday (8/11).


I have received a Wifi router from TPG but have NOT been sent a NBN Connection Device (NCD) and have NOT recieved any SMS or email saying one is being sent. 


Is the NBN technician expected to bring one during the installation or is NBN CO supposed to send me one prior to the appointment?


I have read several stories of installation appointments being cancelled at the last moment due their being  no NCD. I am worried this is going to happen to me.  




Level 2

After phoning TPG, I have been told that the technician is expecteted to deliver the NCD due to the specific "NBN service class" of my location. 


Hi @danielkoch86,


Installation of NBN service can take between 2 to 30 working days depending on the demand of NBN services in your area and the service class of the nbn technician to perform the installation.


An automated email has been sent to the email address associated with the account. 'NBN Bundle Installation Appointment Changed (637xxxx)'


We'll keep an eye on your NBN installation progress any updates will be provided via email.

Tell me should you require further assistance.